State Bank of India (SBI) Personal Loan

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State Bank of India is ranked the 60th bank in the list of Top 1000 Banks in the world and the largest commercial bank in India in terms of assets, deposits, profits, branches, customers and employees.SBI  is also well known in Singapore for providing banking services to suit customer’s needs since 1977.

SBI Saral Personal Loan

If you are searching for ways to receive urgent funds for a family holiday, medical treatment or any other important need, SBI Saral Personal Loan provides such a service for this.


The goal of this loan is to grant loan to any genuine and purposes such as domestic or international travels, personal medical treatments or for family member, meeting any financial liability such as marriage of son/daughter, bearing the cost of educational expenses of wards and meeting margins of bought assets etc.


  • Salaried individual of good quality corporate, selef employed, engineer, doctor, architect, chartered accountant
  • Possess MBA with minimum 2 years standing

Loan Amount

Your personal loan will be decided by your income and repayment capabilities.


Rs.24,000/- in metro and urban centres
Rs.10,000/- in rural/semi-urban centres



The loan will be granted for any legitimate purpose whatsoever (e.g. expenses for domestic orforeign travel, medical treatment of self or a family member, meeting any financial liability,such as marriage of son/daughter, defraying educational expenses of wards, meeting marginsfor purchase of assets etc.)


You are eligible if you are a Salaried individual of good quality corporate, self employedengineer, doctor, architect, chartered accountant, MBA with minimum 2 years standing.

Loan Amount

Your personal loan limit would be determined by your income and repayment capacity.

Minimum :
Rs.24,000/- in metro and urban centres
Rs.10,000/- in rural/semi-urban centres

Maximum :
12 times Net Monthly Income for salaried individuals and pensioners subject to a ceiling of Rs.10 lacs in all centres

Documents Required

  • Important documents to be furnished while opening a Personal Loan Account:

  • For existing bank customers & salaried individuals

  • Passport size photograph

  • Most latest salary slip and Form 16


The loan is repayable in 48 EMI. If you desire, you are permitted to pay more than the EMI, without receiving any prepayment penalty.

Processing Fees

Processing charges are 2.02%-3.03% of the loan amount.

Security & Prepayment Charges



Xpress Credit Personal Loan


Get funds readily available to you whenever you desire or need, whether it is a case of urgent medical attention and treatment or preparing for a trip overseas. SBI Xpress Credit Personal Loan is the answer to your questions.

SBI Benefits
  • Low interest rates

  • Interest charged on a daily reducing balance!!

  • Low processing charges;

  • No hidden costs / administrative charges.

  • No security needed and minimal documentation

  • No prepayment penalties. Reduce your interest burden and optimally utilize your surplus funds by prepaying the loan.



We provide personal loans to the employees of undernoted entities maintaining salary account with us at zero margin, and very competitive interest rates with fast and easy processing:

  • Central and state Government

  • Quasi-Government

  • Central PSUs

  • Profit making State PSUs

  • Educational Institutions of National Repute

  • Selected Corporates

  • Minimum NMI: Rs.7500/-

  • EMI/NMI Ratio should not exceed 50

Loan Amount
 (i) Term Loan:
  • Min: Rs.24,000/-

  • Maximum: 24 times NMI subject to maximum of Rs 15.00 lacs.

(ii) Overdraft:
  • Minimum: Rs.10.00 lacs,

  • Maximum: 24 times NMI subject to maximum of Rs 15.00 lacs.

The OD will comply to monthly reduction in DP so thatmin 60 months, the DP becomes NIL,

Note: Maximum loan amount for School Teachers is capped at 12 months Gross Salary both under Term Loan and Overdraft facility

Repayment Period
  • Minimum of 6 month
  • Maximum 60 months or residual service period whichever is less

Provision for 2nd Loan
Second Loan can be taken after 1 year of disbursement of the 1st loan provided the 1st loan has been conducted with satisfaction and is regular at the time of sanction of 2nd Loan. No more than 2 Xpress Credit Loans is allowed to be standing in the name of a borrower. However this is subject to the overall EMI/NMI ratio of 50%

Margin : Nil

Security : Nil

Third Party Guarantee : Nil

Processing Fees

1.01% of the Loan Amount

Penal Interest

Penal interest will not be charged for loans up to Rs.25, 000.

For Loans above Rs.25000/-, if the irregularity exceeds EMI or installment amount, for a period of one month, then penal interest would be charged @2% p.a. (over and above the applicable interest rate) on the overdue amount for the period of default. If part installment or part EMI remains overdue then penal interest will not be levied.